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Friday, July 14, 2006
  People who I know who I refer to with proper nouns!
I happened upon some of my former classmates work from Comm 383. I hope they don't mind me putting some of that up here. I'll give you credit guys. But I highly doubt you will find this page anyways. Am I talking to myself?

Peter Siestrzewitowski, Mario Troia, Nigel McFarlane: Rusty Cage
(I was involved with this one for about a day)

Jorge Herrera & Matt Hance: The Beat Down

Jonathan Fernandez: The Admiral & Betrayal

Is it lame to post videos? I mean, they're quite entertaining and absolutly all the rage on the Internet (why is it capitalized by the way? I mean, I guess its a proper noun, but so is pickle and thats not capitalized) [wait, is pickle a proper noun?] {uhhhhhh.......}

Update: Mollie tells me "
hahahahhaa pickle is a simple noun because there are lots of them. there is only one internet. rock"
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