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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
  Encumbered _____________
The Fourth of July was fun.
Its all I can say.

By the way, on the ride home Mollie and I came up with a most immature redux of a word that was actua
lly brought up quite a bit this weekend at Cary's wedding (which I will post on later).

For example "I was researching the fundamentals of internet memes so that I could stay abreast in today's technological society." Our redux is very simple: "I was researching the fundamentals of internet memes so that I could stay aboobie in today's technological society."

Lastly, there were buckets of Jones' soda. Bubble gum, Berry, Cream Soda. It was totally great because of this and also the copius amounts of hot dogs, mile high club sandwiches and whoopee pies.

Something you may not know about Mollie is that she is really quite messy and barbaric with crabs.

My short statement of the whole thing was that it was filled with people of a wide variety of donation amounts as well as those who are yet to be a part of this grand almsgiving. They are very nice people and awfully well dressed as well as patriotic as they know what is right for this country.*

*affabilty for safety encased in a candy delicious jibe
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