H i s t o r i c O r a n g e !
Friday, April 14, 2006
After the weeks that arduously drew on and on trying to complete a music video for my Comm 383 class I have finally finished a long awaited project that has taken far too long to finish.
I had blamed my partner and I blamed myself for allowing him to step out of the responsibility of editing and shooting the damn thing. Now I don't feel so strange about this project. It is done and it is as good as it is going to get. Yet, I still watch it and notice that there are things that are still wrong and could use tweaking but I figure the internet is not home to perfection. If you do notice things working or appearing perfectly then its a miracle and is probably worth noting. Does that make for my own work to be marginalized with the rest of the moderate quality internet content? Its good, but its not great. Is that fair?
Well anyways, its been too long for this project to continue running its course on me, so I'll let you see it and just judge on your own its quality.

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