H i s t o r i c O r a n g e !
Thursday, March 30, 2006
  whomp whomp
Todd: :o(
Todd: -10
Mollie: no!
Mollie: you cant dock points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mollie: SHEESH!!!!!!
Todd: :o(
Mollie: odd
Mollie: todd
Mollie: why r u depressed?
Todd: cause i can't get out of my well
Todd: i need a rope
Todd: find: rope
Mollie: /hands rope
Todd: there is no rope, exits are south and west
Todd: go south
Mollie: sees a door!
Todd: you see a skeleton and a birthday present
Mollie: pick up birthday present
Todd: take skeleton
Todd: say: skeleton you are now my best friend
Mollie: /dance
Todd: skeleton falls a part and you're forced to take birthday present
Todd: open present
Todd: opening present reveals another box
Todd: open box
Todd: box reveals school supplies
Todd: you lose, want to play well of depression again?
Mollie: omg you are the funniest person i KNOW
Mollie: maybe lets play tomorrow
Todd: ok

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