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Friday, March 17, 2006
  Degrees I don't have yet
I've had a list of occupations I've always wanted to try:

And today I add another job to that list.

Once there was the thought of creating an all vocal death metal band back in high school. This was something that puttered around John and mine own heads as something we could and should do. Well, no luck, there is no one (in this country at least) who can keep up that kind of cookie monster voice anyhow. However, upon recepit of my new batch of feeds when I hit the refresh button on my reader, my dreams of a death metal band consisting of only voices flew out the window as I realized a better occupation.
This is the future. Or rather, it happened a long, long time ago...
But now I know what to add to that list. Sound track vocal remixist.
(its Virt by the way)

Although I won't ever be a vocal death metalist, I think I could settle for seeing Alf set to death metal music.

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