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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
  The Age of Philosophical Identity
From a discussion in my African Novel class I had the idea to come up with a concept for either the screen or stage. The discussion we were having was on the teleological process that the European powers foisted upon Africa in its early stages of colonization. The prof was saying that it was specifically the ideals that flourished after the European Age of Reason that were/are teleologically promoted throughout Africa and the rest of the world. Specifically it was their enlightenment to areas such as logic, science, progress, reason and democracy. So here's my idea: 17th Century Europe, as new concepts in logic, science, progress, reason and democracy are standardizing amongst intellectuals and littering the many nations of the European world, a minor amount of bitter groups of philosophers become exceedingly enraptured with only one of area of the enlightenment. Suddenly, philosophers and teachers become dedicated to the study and transition of their entire life's values/behaviors within the singular realm of enlightenment forming the five nations of thought: Logisticians, Scientists, Progressives, Rationalists and Democrats. Somehow the movement towards incorporating each of these realms into a unified theory somehow was lost when the world's first advertiser decided that to promote this new movement was best done through flyers and door-to-door evangelists.
Now the European world has been divided amongst regionalized philosophical credence rather than language. But it is the time of colonization. America and Africa are under the whim of these nations of theory. When normal colonization discourse including migration of people and missionary action cannot occur when opposing nations encounter each other, debates form the base military strategy to win over the territory and inhabitants.
Somehow a story should be made of this. Either from the perspective of each of the 5 groups as they convene to the point of total destruction or discovery of the Matrix or the perspective of one group that must deal with the rest of the nations, I think this story has the ability to grow some sort of legs. Maybe just an ass...
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