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Friday, December 02, 2005
  Patton Oswalt makes it a point to make me wish I had his childhood...
I found an interview with Patton Oswalt and reached a point where I had to stop and post a section because its so brilliantly funny:

isoS: [laughs] So what movies did you like growing up?

PO: I loved horror movies. My first movie memory ever was [laughing], I was five years old, I was living in Tustin Meadows, California -- we were a military family, so we moved a lot. It’s Halloween, kids activity day at the local library. So they have us in the library, and we’re making crafts, and hearing ghost stories, and making pumpkin cookies. And then they showed us the original silent film Nosferatu. Which I guess at the time -- it’s 1974, and they must have thought, “Well, it’s an old black and white silent movie, it’s fine for kids, they were tame back then,” not realizing what a deep, primal nightmare that movie is. It’s all images, and especially to a kid’s brain, which is this frightened sponge -- a very eager sponge, but an easily frightened sponge -- kids were just … sitting in the dark in this library, it’s two o’clock on a Sunday afternoon, they, you know, put curtains on the windows, and kids were just sitting there crying and screaming and unable to move. And I just remembered thinking, sitting there -- and I was terrified too, but I was like, Wow, all they did was turn on this fucking box in the back of a library, and twelve of my friends are screaming, like, louder than we would scream if we were being chased by a bee, or if there was a thunderstorm, or if there was a bully about to beat us up. I don’t know why, but I was like, “Oh, I wanna do that.”
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