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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
  Four new topics:
I cannot get used to the words "milquetoast" and "ombudsman". I honestly don't believe these should be legitimate words because they're completely terrible and mean nothing important. If our language is confusing and has stupid words like these I wonder what the Finnish language has. (Finnish is supposed to be one of the most complex of the alphabetic languages folks)

My name has been, for twenty one years, Moday. Although this is not technically my choice of name because it was one of the numerous names that became "americanized" once my precedents came to Ellis Island where they made their debut within United States territory. The original being "Madej" and sounding nearly the same as Moday with more foriegn zeal and fragrence.

My brother and I were talking about this over the weekend. He wants to change Moday to Madej along with me. Yet I raised the question "well, we're Modays now, but what happens to the Moday name after we're seperated from it after the name change? Will there ever be another Moday?" To which he reminded me that there are other Modays out there and that in fact there were other Madejs who came to America after the Ellis Island incident and decided to keep the Madej name. This first means I have relatives that are in America and most likely have little idea that we Modays exist.

So here's the question, should I do it? and if so, how do I go about it?
Jon says that he thinks it would be a short process. I've already tried signing my name as Madej in both cursive and normal style and I think that would be a short process to go through as well.

I want to do this, I'm nervous I suppose.

Upon realizing my flaw as an isolationist, I want to change somehow. I've quit Phroth and will try to do other things. However, isn't it isolation out of a group as much as it is in a group? Now i've become split upon that decision. Should I go back? They have nothing to offer and I would just sit there being an observer rather than a participator. What if I become more secluded at home and never find another place to go to avoid isolation? Yes, but its better than knowing you'll be isolated amongst a large group of people; thats just pathetic.

So I need to make a decision. Maybe get involved with the Russian literature enthusiasts that Dave told me about OR go back to Phroth for fear of complete isolation all year with little social interaction?

Having just discussed my isolation and active/passive research into the phenomena of personal internet exposé, will you do something for me? If I ever become a whore, a complete fake, a macho-man-randy-savage-type, a slut, a victim of bad plastic surgery, (and in that case) a victim of bad tanning salon use, a "model", an Emo/Hardcore/"Punk" kid, fat, obsessed with cars and finally "cool" please direct me to Myspace.com. I am certain that my isolation problem might be resolved once I complete my jouney into humanity devoid of humanity and need a place to display my pecs, boobs, ass, cars, backwards pink/black hair, "funny picture" and my complete life's story in 30 words which will allow me to unveil myself to the real world of un-isolated cuntbags who have also made the transition into realworldlycuntdom. Oh, and please remind me to not know what the fuck I'm doing when I'm designing it and make the cursor a fucking crosshair.

You can join if you ever feel like becoming one of the aforementioned personality types.

Love, Todd

(Thats four things! My favorite/lucky number!)
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