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Sunday, May 08, 2005
  Home again, home again

And now, I am home. I will be here for the summer and whatnot.

So yes, going to college is most definatly a different experience. However, you must assume that your college experience is the most typical of all experiences.

I have had the opportunity to live that generic lifestyle: Neighbors who talk to you all the time, Loud noises at 3am, idiots who say "Woo College!" and/or "Woo beer!", neighbors faking a drunken relationship with a girl whom you do not know, etc. I am glad that I decided to stay in the dorms mostly because of the fact that I have felt so isolated. Given, I do not like most people I meet and I do not intend on staying in touch with every single person that contact is made with.

It is only one more week when I can consider myself "home for the summer". Interviews, gouging of teeth and unpacking are only circumstances of work to get back home. You can visit if you like.

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