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Monday, May 02, 2005
Since I have nothing better to post, I'll divulge upon you my latest complete mix. There was a concept to it this time. I made the mix by randomly picking a point at which to start listening as my songs shuffeled and wrote 20 of them down. My shuffling music library came up with the songs I would use for the mix and I would allow my self a few liberties in finalizing it. First, I could disregard any songs that directly did not sit well with the other songs and repeats of an artist. Second, I could add two songs and change two of the songs to other songs of my choice by the same artist. Lastly, I was to make a regular music CD, so I could omit anything I wanted to make it fit in a mix, although I didn't need to use this really since all 20+2 songs fit on my CD (also, I didn't follow the rules that strictly, more like guidelines*). I don't like the name that I came up with it so much, but if there are any suggestions blahblahblah:

Update: I think I came up with a better title than "It Just Fell Out of My Head"

"Generated Shufflely"
David Bowie - Queen Bitch
XTC - Spinning Top
Spoon - Take A Walk
Republica - Ready To Go
The Zutons - Dirty Dancehall
Operation Ivy - Healthy Body
The Faint - Drop Kick the Punks
The Walkmen - The North Pole
Plasket - This One's For Pie
Neutral Milk Hotel - Communist Daughter
Pinback - Some Voices
Air - Another Day
Radiohead - Planet Telex
The Rolling Stones - She's a Rainbow
Animal Collective - Sweet Road
The Beatles - Got to Get You Into My Life
The Creatures - Standing There
The White Stripes - You've Got Her In Your Pocket
James Cotton - Cotton Crop Blues
R.E.M. - Bang and Blame
The Birthday Party - Jennifer's Veil
Beck - Side Of The Road
Amon Tobin - Lighthouse

*Fucking Pirates of the Caribbean
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