H i s t o r i c O r a n g e !
Monday, April 25, 2005
  Wham, Ram, Thank you Ma'am!
Todd: i forgot to tell you, my morning rocked hardcore
Todd: i was riding on the bus back from work
Chris: You made it on time?
Todd: and i saw two sheep butt each other in the head
Todd: yea
Chris: Sweet
Todd: they were all getting ready and i was like "no fucking way!!" out loud
Todd: and they totally did it
Todd: if only that happened earlier in the year i would want to go to work everyday
Chris: That is unspeakably cool
Todd: i know, and it was sheep
Todd: not like big ol' horned rams
Chris: Did they fall over?
Todd: little fluffy things
Todd: no
Todd: they were perfectly matched
Todd: i wish i could have stayed
Todd: i wanted to see who won
Todd: cause you know after that they were gonna fuck someone
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