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Monday, April 18, 2005
  Thursday through Saturday

That Guy ---------------------------------->
is Cyro Baptista (kinda looks like Les Claypool)
Me and Mollie went out on Saturday night to see this him and his band at the Bowery Ballroom. Put Victor Von Frankenstien and his monster on a stage with nearly all percussive instruments ever. PVC pipe, buzz saw, pots and pans, fire hydrant, daiko drums, synth pad, bells, drum set, djembe, tambourines, and a vast assortment of little shakers and such. Get some persian looking guy who channels Bootsie Collins in on keyboards/harmonium, a chick who can shred and pound (while wearing a Viking helmet) as well as Cyro himself (clad in a NASA jumpsuit, russian fur hat and Rec Specs) and the massive amount of rock/tribal/brazillian percussive/melodic undergrowth and you've got this band.

This weekend was awesome (read: well deserved vacation, not that I was the most deserving). Comedy ballet, Upright Citizens Brigade shows, Brothers, ten hour bus ride, five hour train ride, Milkshakes, Cacti titled "Bald Old Men" (when they obviously had hair), Grass stains, Felicity (shut up), 2am taxi ride to arrive at Mollie jumping up and down with a sandwich in reward for crossing the street (pear and lemonade extra).

Good Weekend Period (although that appears as "Good Weekend." with the punctuation vocalized)
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