H i s t o r i c O r a n g e !
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
  "Rat Boy found ALIVE!"

Making headlines across the world as wide as it is tall, Bat Boy (more recently referred by the mix of his human name and stage name "Rat Boy") has become the Catholic'€™s newest leader of denouncing change, the Pope. How long has it been since we saw his sweet face on the cover of The Weekly World News? Probably not long, but in any case, he has overcome the struggles of being a complete freak, numerous plastic surgeries and years of study of the Christian faith, our beloved Rat Boy has reached the pinnacle.

Although, his history of Nazi affiliation has brooded questioning of his stance on human rights and justification for his new position in the Vatican. However, the fact does remain, hardship, after hardship, Rat Boy has grown from a media starlet to a global faith-founded king.

May his new reign over the Catholics be a fulfilling and his papacy as the sixteenth Benedict one of renewed life within the freakish world.

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