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Saturday, March 19, 2005
So, in spite of recent talks about the fact that updating blogs is something no one should anticipate to happen everyday, unless you're incredibly boring or depressed, this update ignores reality and submits its own. I'm going to be incredibly boring today since no one, and here's proof, wants to read a depressing blog.

-I was called "four eyes" for the first time in my life tonight, it was followed by "yea, go study". To be honest, while I should put this in the "ignore" category, I still don't react well to this kind of flack from strangers. Its probably because i've heard it all before in elementary/middle school.

-Today I finished a film called "Tampopo" (Japanese for Dandelion) which had to do with a like named woman who starts a ramen restaurant in Japan after her husband has died. There isn't much interesting to say about this film save the unnamed character in the white suit. He has nothing to do with the story but he sort of represents human nature's deep attachment to food. His scenes are intermittantly shown in the film and tend to show quite laughable but "sensual", if you want to call it that, nature of food.

Scene 1: Girl he's with dips her boob into whipped cream and then into his mouth. Squeezing a lemon on her boob and then sucking it off. Placing live shrimp into soy sauce onto her stomach and then placing a bowl overtop, the shrimp flip the fuck out and start flailing, girl laughs due to ticklish feeling.
Scene 2: Encounters women harvesting oysters, attempts to eat an oyster without cutting the creature from its shell and cuts his lip on the shell. For whatever reason the chick feels this is hot stuff, so she starts to lick his wound.
Scene 3: Guy and girl he's with start passing an egg yolk between their mouths, for like 4 minutes.
Scene 5: Someone is shooting the guy and with his dying breath, he tells the girl he's with about how in winter if you go hunting and kill a boar you should immediately take its intestines out, stuff them with yams and cook them over a fire. He asks her if this sounds good, and she says "yea, that sounds good, like a yam sausage" and then he dies.
Theres not much else to that, the movie was good and funny, too bad the director killed himself.

What else...?

-I want to start a section where I take pictures of people that look strikingly like people I know. The obvious problem is how to ask someone if I can take their picture because they look like someone I know then explain that I will then put them up on my website.
-I want Spagetti-O's, I have missed the opportunity to have them about 3 times this year.
-Sean is a kid in my hall and I have bet him $1,000,000 that he can't teach elementary school in Brooklyn for a year. Sucker.
-When I have all the proper materials for a silk screening project, I'm going to start making shirts about really shitty fashion or just big ass images. For example: Front:"Irritatingly large sunglasses and year-round scarves" Back:"You suck."
-Give me a goddamn internship.
-When time permits I will make a giant post about how my roomate is in fact America's dirtiest motherfucker.
-$13 bucks and i'll have a giant whiteboard to put in my apartment. All I need now is something to draw on it.
-I plan on listening to more hip-hop. Now on the playlist: Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Pharcyde, Q-Tip, and Talib Kweli. Occurances of Kid Koala and Invizibl Skratch Piklz would not be a rarity.

I'm drained of ideas. Goodnight.
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