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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
  Bugger, Mate's in New Zealand
Recently: Rob Cooper, has and is currently gone to/in (respectively), New Zealand. He has also started a blog in which he puts his daily/best experiences into english about how he has infiltrated and is attempting to assume social norms through the process of acquiring the rudimentry language incontinuities that exist between American english and New Zealand english. He has also put forth the effort of solving the cultural differences by mating with their women which will, hopefully dissolve our boundaries so that in time, they will understand each other's cultures (OMG, its like my life story LOL!).
Well, anyways, I think SeƱor Cooper has inspired me to travel abroad and/or at least become a more natural human. I need to put the living in concrete boxes and consuming easy-to-cook food aside and start eating more earthy dishes. I should be a modest person, but have extravagant experiences and vibrant memories. Most certainly have I dug myself a grave into feeling like I should be more simple and spiteful of Earth and its continents, yet, I could change that with a little effort put into the travel and nomadics department.
I'm not saying that I want to become a friggin hippie or some sort of hippie scientologist, its just that I want to become more naturally human and feel like I can be as comfortable outside in hundreds of different situations as I am with being a 20 year old male in American life.

So, I hate waxing romantic on the subject of something that is completely and utterly idyllic that I sound like a philosophy class, however, I do like attempting to utilize my vocabulary and truncate the idiocy that I tend to sway towards which is how I think this sounds all philosophical.

Anyhoo, I've been recently thinking of things I want to do with myself and one thing has stuck. I want to do some archery. I have no idea why, I guess its the fact that I like archery and think it'd be damn cool to say that you have skills with a bow and arrow.

Also, I decided to start wearing my springtime lighter coat today when it was 40 degrees and snowing heavily.

CSI has the stupidest soundtracks to it. It feels like I'm watching a student film where the kid who made it is a giant music snob and decided that if the music is hip/obscure/difficult to listen to enough then it should make up for the shitty plot they crapped out. Putting this crap against better or worse visuals makes the film just look like its of no priority to the person who made it and that they only want to promote their awesomeness.

I've ranted too much.
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