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Sunday, March 27, 2005
  As seen on some guy's arm...

Yea, so, I got to see this kid putting clean dishes away at the dining commons and he had a really sad tattoo on his tricep (the picture is only an artist's rendition). Now I can't judge why this kid got this, however, its not exactly what you would call classy or even cool. Now, I do know that New Jersey is the ass end of just as many unecessary jokes as the Polish might recognize, but to endorse the town you're from in New Jersey on the back of your arm is a trifle lame and pitable especially in an outline of the state and a crappy star identifying from where in the state you are from, as if someone would be able to recognize exactly what town it was by its geographic location (its was about as big as the mock-up is).

I'm thinking that if you really want to "represent dawg", that you'd have better luck (and maybe some class) with getting a tattoo of maybe the name of the town or maybe some sort of cred that proves you came from that town or something. But honestly, Jersey isn't exactly what you would call "style".

Anyways, too bad some kid had this, I give it a 1 out of 10 for pity's sake.
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