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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
  You're damn right its me.
So after being a total asshole to my girlfriend at 1:00am, I decided it was for the best to blast classical music into my headphones to help concentrate and calm down while I resumed to write down each detail from my programming book in hopes to actually get a good grade on my weekly quiz. However, when 348-350 of Handel's Water Music Suites came on I started to notice something. Mike was in bed and sleeping (although still making his damn moaning noises) and I heard something rustling in the room. I thought maybe the window was open and Mike left some trash on the window sill, which I wouldn't doubt to happen because he is one dirty fucker.

But it wasn't that. In fact as soon as I took off my headphones to hear it better I stopped hearing it. Odd...So I put my headphones back on and heard it again. It then struck me that it was coming from the music I was listening to. I thought it was maybe something wrong in the recording; Static or something near the microphone that the engineers did not hear. The first thing that struck me was that it could be pages flipping in the recording. Although, how would someone not notice that. Its pretty loud, meaning the microphone was awfully close to the paper and the.....CONDUCTOR! The realization that some dummy could make that mistake in such a delicate recording.

So yea, it was the sound of the conductor flipping the pages of his score, quickly might I add. That has actually been the first time I felt like I discovered something that not many others know about. A true discovery, like finding an anchient village or to find some food oddity in your bag O' food items. I've always wanted to have a discovery. Its like an adventure.

Here is my real point. Adventures are the best and I really can't say that there isn't anyone I like having them best with than my girlfriend. I really hate that I bitched at her and felt like I was getting revenge. But its really great that she understands that I can blow-up easily and that she'll understand if I don't really mean to be cruel and when I apoligize she knows its not just so I can rebalance the world between me and her and still feel angry. It feels good to have someone who cares like her and who can see past my flaws.

Thanks dude. I certainly appreciate it.
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