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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
  You are all clowns.
Republicans are in fact idiots. That is to say, that Repubs are one major division of political work. So if you are part of the Republican party, you're not an idiot. I'll clarify. The Republicans that I am speaking of are the ones who constitute the main source of members of the party. Now I know this doesn't make much sense, but what I am saying is that there are those who are a part of the Republican party and those who say they are Republicans; Members and groupies. Get it?

Anyways, the Republican party is a group of great people, people who have concepts that they hold fast as a way of life in and operation of a nation. Republicans are those who have no idea what the party wants and just goes with the flow of moral and dialogue of pundits. Here is a good example. The people who are members of the Republican party first, conservative or liberals next, who lobby and/or serve in the government. Republicans are the kids in my hall who think that if you see someone in army camo, that you should drop what you are thinking and doing to applaud them. Do they know why they are applauding them? What if the things the army is doing something you don't agree with? What if in fact the army does things that don't protect our "freedom"? Do you still want to clap? Just cause the commercials say so, these people believe that its our American job to do such. Nonsense.

As Americans, by which I mean citizens since I have no patriotism or pride since both of those things could be considered some of the worst sin, we do have certain responsibilities due to our democracy. The nation that is built by the people, not for the people like communism (which by the way, I support the theory, not the actual thing since it is inherently flawed). We should be happy that there are men and women who essentially (they don't intend on being heros from day one) put their lives out there on a limb for the "protection" of the country. Which can be confusing, because in a war where we weren't threatened by the country we invaded, I don't understand what is being protected by hurting them. I swear it was Afganistan. Our other duties are comprised of things like being courteous to the nation and do our duty to support it and the people within it as well as be informed about the situation of the country and vote for issues, presidents, senators, house representatives and the like for the things that are clearly evident as benefits for the nation as a whole. Not for the selfish few who feel their concepts are easily considered the best for the nation.

Here is where I get really mad. One position voters, conservatives with things on their agenda higher than the common people, liberals who feel that breaking down all forms of conservatisitism is important, conservatives who do the same about liberalism, people who vote the green party simply because of marijuana issues as well as innumerous other people who really have nothing to do with political persuasion who just bug the hell out of me. Its just these people who don't do a service to the nation that bring this place down. I know its easy to be a fucking retard and not care about anything else but one fucking issue or what their morals are. You can all go to hell because I care about more than one thing and I put more of my time into figuring out who I am and not what my party says to decide that I am going to vote for so and so, than those who decide that they don't like gay people or they don't want the Mexicans to "took our jobs". By the way, there isn't a party whose agenda is to be racist. Well, except for the KKK, but not even crazy christians like the KKK. So if you happen to be racist and vote, you might as well go hang your-fucking-self since its the most heinous thing you could ever do is to be racist. A sense of humor about race is good, but superiority or domination due to race is one of the lowest things in life.

I can't forget to mention the teacher that was talking to her students in the linear editing lab. A student did a video essay on what they expect of President Bush in his next four years as a second term president. Most of the replies were "I don't expect much" or "I just hope for the best" or "I am not exactly proud of everything he has done, but I hope he focuses on more localized issues". The student said to her teacher that "most of who I interviewed didn't really like Bush, I was suprised." I don't know the teacher, but she replied "well, its a college town". What in the fucking world does that mean? That educated people or people in a educational setting will just follow suit and babble out a stereotyped liberal issue banter? I was ready to burst out and say just that "what do you even mean by that?". I wouldn't be suprised that most educated people would have major issues with Bush because of clearly defined opinions formed through their experience at college. Not all of course since there are plenty of dummies here. By the way, Moby once found research on IQ by state and most midwest (red) states have substantially lower IQ's than east and west coast (blue) states.

If a lot of this is jibber jabber then it is because I am frustrated with many things in life right now dealing with the fact that most of the people who I wish I could talk to without feeling like I need to conform to their simple minds/limited depth thinking are absent from my life and these things that I am talking about are issues that easily anger me. Anger is a big thing in my life I wish I could relieve myself from. Its a dangerous thing anger, it can restrict your vision and slander your entire character despite your actual behavior towards others. I love this world and I love just about every human I meet because down deep inside they are good people who might have confused intentions. I am no better than the people who I believe are idiots since I am flawed as well. My intentions never have been to make myself feel or appear better than others. I wish that when I feel the same passion that I do for writing this down tonight I will elaborate upon the subject of this frustration. Don't hate me.

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