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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
  Where am I?!?!?!.....

Honestly folks, where the hell are you when you see this poster? I mean, if I were "Mr. Joe Goes To All The Parties Even Though I Wasn't Specifically Invited" then I might find myself feeling like I was stuck in the same fucking room all night. If you party and/or live around a college, you might as well bring a damn map with you. Its all because of this poster. You know that you've gone somewhere and seen the poster and left and been somewhere in the same night and seen the fucking thing again, thinking "Wait, is this Chris' place? I could have sworn I just saw that on Mark's wall. Wait, wasn't I just at Marks?!? No way. Let me consult my "Animal House Sightings Map".

You'll recognize the feeling of
déjà vu when you see that John 'Bluto' Blutarsky's face happens resembles yours when you see it again. "Huhwhaa?". Like a case of Fugue Amnesia, you'll just disappear and re-appear in the same damn room and feel like time has just flown by but you don't realize you just traveled from one place to another. Maybe even cross-country.

Although, it could be similar to one of those movies where the main character just thinks its a coincidence that its there and in fact its actually some sort of dimensional rift that you walk through everytime but you never pay any attention to since you're desensitized to seeing John Belushi's tubby/dead torso in every room that you trapse into.

Okay, Okay, so, maybe its just cause it says "COLLEGE" that attracts the college kids. Yet, maybe its more because its from a movie about college. Or it could be that it costs $4.95 plus tax and comes in a wide variety of sizes.

Either way, I'm still proud of my "Dr. Funkenstein" and "Bad Brains" posters. I just wish I never lost my "Dr. Funkenstein" iron-on tshirt transfer, I'd be fucking tops man.
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