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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
  let's leave at sunrise, let's live by the ocean
Beck - Mellow Gold, Ben Folds Five - Self Titled, David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars, Doves - The Last Broadcast, Elbow - Cast of Thousands, The Fall - The Peel Sessions, Guided By Voices - Do the Collapse!, Jeff Buckley - Grace, Pinback - Blue Screen Life, and Pinback - Self Titled. The simplest, greatest, singable, generally mellow rockin' mix that I have ever made. I cannot really stop listening to it since it flows so sinuously from song to song and just makes me feel like if I could play it in all environments, that the place in which I was listening would brighten up completely. Everything is at its apex when "Pounding" by Doves comes on and I feel like running as fast as I can. Although, as soon as I decide to turn off the mix I end up coming back to my songs and going directly to the death metal or noise rock or hip-hop. I love that music too, I guess its sort of a way to clense my pallet to listen to the mix again.
I'm sure I feel just as proud of the mixes I make as a down-in-the-mouth kid in elementary school gets an A on a test he didn't expect to do well on. I want to show everyone them. I suppose this would be the time to list them and the track listing and the art that i've made for them. However, that would take forever since two of my mixes are 160+ songs. Let it be known that I choose every song; I never just stick random songs in there, at least not anymore. High School was the perfect time to build a mix simply by the songs you craved listening to or the ones you wanted your friends to hear since you were on the cusp of all things musical. No, i'm not talking about myself, all my friends did that at one point, if not on a CD, then on their computer they'd just play the song they wanted. Nowadays, a mix is less of a thing and more of a piece of art that you personally create and become as deeply involved as something that actually matters to the world outside your head.
Speaking of "outside your head", I learned about a concept in Confucianism today that said that we as humans are constantly trying to gain inner peace and fully explore our genius by calming the monkey in our head. I don't believe this is just some middle school way of saying how we are all geniuses, we have to just calm a monkey in our head simply because saying the word "monkey" was something that easily caused laughter much like Scooby Doo did (Scooby Doo wasn't entertaining, only if it was retarded it was funny [ex. Shaggy exclaming "Gaaaangwaaaay!" occasionally drew a laugh, not much though]). In conclusion, I like to bring peace to my mind (tame the monkey) by making a mix, its a nice get away from the world outside my brain and personal bubble.
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