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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
  Downtown Annapolis

Originally uploaded by Historic Orange.
The story behind Historic Orange is not exactly mine but since no one holds the copyright to the name I suppose its not a crime to use it on my own. It really stems from the experiences of a young woman who would visit Downtown Annapolis frequently with her friends where they discovered and held a fast liking to a orange-tinted fence on which was scribed (in green paint) "Historic Orange". To my knowledge that fence is in fact gone from existance since the fence merely stood where it did due to the fact that behind the fence was an open area where a building had previously burned down. No one I know remember how long ago the fence and it's title appeared; I think that it had been there for quite a long time, 10 years is my optimistic guess. The story held that they would eventually start a Riot Grrl band and call themselves the name of which I have mentioned. I have no right to claim the name on my own but in fact should be given to the genius who painted that on the fence. Its questionable whether or not the fence was orange previous to the painting of "Historic Orange" or if it was accomplished in one fell swoop. I like to think that the fence was not actually tossed into a heap in some dump or whatever, but rather that someone, who had such strong feelings like the young woman and her friends or myself, decided that they would wait till the day that construction crews would start on the building that would occupy the space behind the fence and put forth the effort to salvage the fence and possibly reconstruct it somewhere else. Howerver, the reality is most likely that the fence's remains are eternally lost. There really is no way to explain how wonderful it was to walk downtown late at night (possibly in the rain) and see this fence in a low glow of scarce street lights and think of all the people who must pass it each day and get a giggle or a "humm, well how about that!". Only one picture of it exists as I know of. Yet, since many people live and have lived in Annapolis for decades, there must be more.

Since this is my first entry I decided to dedicate the entry to that fence and all the people who it had some sort of happy effect on.

R.I.P. Historic Orange.

UPDATE: Mollie must have been awfully curious if there were any pictures of Historic Orange on the web. Well, being the biggest fan of Google, she found exactly what she set out to find. Some guy, a decent photographer snapped the picture somewhere along his travels.
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