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Sunday, January 30, 2005
  College of Communications: College of Suckers

Ever since I started attending this godforsaken college of mine, i've found that if you are an out of state student you are going to be fucked over. Not only do you get that whole "out of state tuition" thing which has boggled me since the time my letter of acceptance arrived in the mail. You also get, for whatever reason, the short end of the straw. That straw also happens to be covered in nuerous types of feces and is held out to you by Dennis Quaid, worst actor ever (see right). I've been put in situations that I shouldn't have been placed in. I've been lied to and been told the wrong things by incompetant advisors.

Regardless of all of this, I have also found myself in one of the severely comprimised colleges here. The communications college is not a great one, it is decent since it has a good deal of well rounded educators. Yet, the school is still only average. Despite the school's general status in the communications field, this school likes to stick rusty iron rods up the college's well lubricated ass.

Almost the entire college of communications has been relocated to a place off campus nearly unreachable by any on campus or off campus student. The only way to get there is if you have a car or to take the bus. Now, why would you ever do this to the students? Make a relativly unaccessable place the mecca of our classes and outside work, while all of the other students here are able to have their classes on campus? Seems pretty unfair to me.

In addition to all of this, the Dean of the school has said that he would like to see that the school becomes a "walking school" again. By this he means that he would make us pay to ride the buses on campus. He might as well make students in the college of communications buy a vat of K/Y Jelly at the bookstore each semester.

We are all suckers. I just hope to get out of here soon.
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